Life @ KEN Corporate Social Responsibility

Life @ KEN - Corporate social Responsibility:

At KEN we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is a continuously evolving philosophy.India is a nation of a billion dreams, a billion aspirations and above all great opportunities. To turn these dreams into reality, especially for the vulnerable sections of the society, KEN has always considered sustainable development the cornerstone of our business strategy. We seek to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, creating thriving eco-systems around all our businesses. Our strategy includes fostering close and continuous interaction with the people and communities around our manufacturing divisions, bringing qualitative changes in their lives and supporting the underprivileged.

Some of KEN's initiatives to promote environment protection include investing in renewable energy sources, promoting green plantations and spreading environmental awareness among localities.

  • ENVIRONMENT - KEN is actively engaged in creating awareness of Biodiversity and aligns efforts to increase Green belt at manufacturing facilities through Tree plantation and conservation programs.

  • EDUCATION - KEN encourages continuous education of its employees and their families by providing the necessary support and facilities.

  • HEALTHCARE - KEN adhere to wellbeing of its employees. As number of collateral diseases increased now a day's KEN has developed policy of Preventive healthcare check up at regular interval for employees and their families free of costs and besides this endeavor to spread this service among small villages near manufacturing facility. Another initiative spread in KEN i.e. BLOOD IS LIFE and for the same regular blood donation campaign has been conducted at various facilities.

  • SAFETY CULTURE - KEN empowering and develop safety culture at floor area by regular safety audits and safety awareness among employees.

  • WOMEN EMPOWERMENT - KENhas been a pioneer in harnessing 'woman power' on its shop floors in its manufacturing locations. Over 40% of the workforce on the shop floor comprises of women. A testimony to the success of the women operators' concept. In fact, working on KEN's shop floor has emerged as an excellent employment option for women.